Welcome to the Shilocraft Donation Store!


We've recently made a few small changes to the way the store works.

Every month, if the server reaches it's donation goal - everyone has the chance to claim a FREE reward item pack. The progress for this can be viewed on the sidebar.

Shilocraft also does custom donations for items that aren't on the store. If you want more details regarding this PM Shilofax on Discord.


Payment Methods

We currently offer Paypal as a mothod of payment for donations and perk purchases through Shilocraft. You can use a paypal account, or simply a credit/debit card.

1. Paypal


Terms and Conditions

1. Shilocraft is provided "As-Is" updates are not promised and not guaranteed.

2. Shilocraft may decide at any time to remove, or change donor perks for any reason without any warning. There will be no refunds, or exchanges as a result of a changed or removed perk.

3. Shilocraft reserves the right to ban your user account at any time.

4. Any charge-back, or reversal of payment via the donation store will lead to an immediate ban on all of our services, and platforms. If you have a problem with a transaction, or a perk you purchased, please email dredo123@gmail.com